VivianCory & Missy's unrestrained "Vision" has provided the community with an educational farm and resource for future generations. Well Done!10-11-06 09:14:34
DougA great litte gem in Fall City! Everyone should stop in and check out the animals, visit Cory and see all the sustainability awards he and his team are earning. 10-11-08 10:11:39
Kirk HansonAn inspiration to neighbors and other landowners in the valley. Hopefully the stewardship ethic applied at Baxter Barn will have an infectious affect on other landowners.10-11-08 10:36:45
KeatonCory - it was so great to meet you and tour the farm. The work you are doing is important, and I am encouraged by your commitment to sustainability and conservation. Thank you for taking time to give us a tour - we will definitely be back! 10-11-23 07:47:34
Woodman LodgeThis a fantastic place to take the kids while driving through the Snoqualmie Valley! miniature Donkeys, Free Range chickens and a very impressive historical story for all.. This is what the Valley is about. Great job Cory Huskinson!! Now get busy on producing us more farm fresh eggs!! 11-03-05 09:21:22
Abbey CantrellMy family & some friends had the opportunity to visit Baxter Barn in Fall City today. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I had looked at their website & everything sounded fun, but had no idea the real fun that was in store for us. Our children (14 months - 4 years old) had a blast. They loved seeing all the animals, especially the brand new baby minature donkey & the baby bunnies. To top it all off we got to go on a tractor ride. Cory & Missy (the owners) was great hosts & made sure everyone had a good time. If you haven't been to Baxter Barn, check out their website, & plan a visit soon. My son is already asking to go back! This is a true gem to have in the Snoqualmie Valley. 11-07-18 08:12:27
Joey Nicole Bowles Baxter Barn is the most amazing local find! We went there recently to purchase pastured eggs, but discovered so much more while we were there. Cory was kind enough to give us a tour and tell us all about the way his animals are cared for. They all have the most natural diets and he even sources rain water for his farming needs. We were able to see the beautiful mini-donkeys, horses, turkeys, quails, chickens, turkeys, and more and even learn about the great history of the Barn. Food quality is of utmost importance to us, so we are happy to be purchasing top-quality chicken eggs on a regular basis now from Baxter Barn (and they are sooooo delicious!). To know how much the animals there are loved and cared for, and to be able to see them roaming the farm when we pick up our eggs is a huge added bonus. Fun for the whole family! 11-10-23 08:30:59
Laurel D.I took my grandsons (and their dad) to Baxter Barn to get two pullets. We were given a tour of the farm and had a great time. The boys loved seeing the all the animals and holding the day old chicks. It was very relaxed, we took all the time we wanted. Cory was a wealth of knowledge, he made sure we got off to a good start telling us everything we would need to know. Wish I lived there! 11-10-22 12:49:08
Carolyn H.Last weekend, we stumbled across Baxter Barn. My grandson was in town with his mom for a visit. He's just a little over a year old and this would be his first real pumpkin patch! Much to our surprise, we arrived to a quaint setting with the owner, Cory, to greet us at the drive. We were welcomed to wander around and take photos as we perused the pumpkins. The pumpkins were beautiful and plentiful. We enjoyed the corral of miniature donkeys, ponies, and darling chicks. Cory took all of us on a tractor pull around the property and helped us load our treasures of huge pumpkins into the car. Baxter Barn is easy to reach, just minutes off I-90. I encourage everyone to take a couple hours to visit this wonderful place to start new family traditions. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 11-10-22 12:50:13
Jason M.We had so much fun visiting Baxter Barn and picking out chicks for our urban coop. Cory was extremely helpful, the farm is very picture book and the actual barn was very clean and lots of fun. We can't wait to go back! 11-10-22 12:51:06
Whispering Spirit RanchBaxter Barn is a great asset to the surrounding areas. Cory has a great knowledge and passion for what he does there. I bought 6 Cayuga ducklings and a coop for the ranch and it was a pressure and a wealth of information. Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!12-03-10 09:32:08
18-02-09 03:23:11