Pet Food and Products for Dogs and Cats at Baxter Barn

For Cats and Dogs

Healthy And Sensible - We focus on the best health for the animal, Natural, Local and Family owned.


* Grain Free Kibble

* Meat and Rice Kibble

* Baked Kibble

* Freeze Dried Food, Treats and Raw

* Raw: Nuggets, Sliders, Patties, Chubs and Bones

* Raw Goats Milk and Fermented Fish Stalk

* Healthy Natural Treats and Toys

* Vaccines, Wound & Health Care, Wormer, Flea Treatments and Grooming Supplies

* Some unique items can be found at our online store.

Going through the good times and hard times with our pets we have learned that the diet can make it easier on the pet and us.  Knowing the pro's and con's there are ways to save money and improve the health of your pet.  You can do this with kibble, raw and deyrated.


If you have an animal that requires special attention, from dogs to horses, we can help!

Let's improve the health of the animal and the environment through quality feed and education.

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Day Old Chicks Friday (All Year Round)


Pumpkins (Fall)

Hours and Information

Closed on Sunday and Monday.


POULTRY AND TOURS (By Appointment Only)

10am-4pm, Tuesday-Saturday

(If over 70°, 10am-12pm)


FARM STORE (Feed & Supplies):

10am-5pm, Tuesday-Saturday

(No Appointment Necessary)


Tours Available by Appointment:

$8/per person - $24 minimum

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