Enjoy our seasonal specials! Only available for a limited time!

Discounts on same or mixed bags at intervals of 5 or more, 10 or more, and 40 or more


$2 Off Chicks, Pullets, and Hens with the purchase of a 50 pound bag of feed by appointment


* Dog and Cat Food; Grain Free, Baked and Raw buy 12 get 1 Free


* FREE small pumpkin for kids with a parent on a tour.  Tour $5 each minimum $45 by appointment


All products are available at Baxter Barn.

Limited product are available online and Portage Bay Grange


Upcoming Events







Day Old Chicks Friday (All Year Round)


Pumpkins (Fall)

Hours and Information

Closed on Sunday and Monday.


POULTRY AND TOURS (By Appointment Only)

10am-4pm, Tuesday-Saturday

(If over 70°, 10am-12pm)


FARM STORE (Feed & Supplies):

10am-5pm, Tuesday-Saturday

(No Appointment Necessary)


Tours Available by Appointment:

$8/per person - $24 minimum

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